To build your personal brand, you need to define your purpose.

How can people benefit from a connection with you?

What were you paid for? What do you love to do? Which of your skills are on demand? Did you experience a powerful transformation? Can your story help someone?
Finding your personal brand purpose is important. We don’t really have business Ikigai, it’s usually personal, yet we can define it for our personal brand.

The Japanese concept of IKIGAI is trendy in marketing.

It allows you to find your purpose and understand where to move forward in your career or personal brand.

Brands are leaders; they know where they are going and curate a journey for their tribe. A personal brand is also a responsibility. We lead people in the direction we’ve chosen; we know what we want to achieve. We must know ourselves, face inner demons and acknowledge our light and dark sides.

IKIGAI allows defining “the reason to get up in the morning”.

That means knowing four things and where they overlap

  • What you love
  • What you’re good at
  • What you’ve paid for
  • What the world needs

These four overlaps to create another four areas.

  • Passion
  • Profession
  • Mission
  • Vocation

Finding you IKIGAI means seeing where these four areas crossed.

You can create a list of ideas by asking yourself these questions and finding the overlaps. For example:

  • What will I enjoy doing for free? 
  • What do I love doing in my free time? 
  • What are my hobbies? 
  • What did I love doing in my childhood and now?
  • Do I have some skills? 
  • For what skills do I get the most compliments? 
  • What do people think I do the best? 
  • What am I known for from the skills or knowledge perspective?
  • Which of my skills is on-demand in the world?
  • What can I learn to make the world a better place?
  • What skills and qualifications can I get to get my dream job?
  • What jobs or positions inspire me?
  • What was I paid for?
  • What I was paid for and enjoyed doing it?
  • What was I paid for but hated doing it?
  • What job can I do to enjoy my life the most?

As you answer these questions, you will see the overlaps. 

To me, it was easy. I have always enjoyed design, art, psychology, photography, video and branding. I’ve turned all of these skills into business or profession. The problem was that I couldn’t find why the world needed these skills. Creativity is a way to express yourself. But the word required food, water, shelter, and relationships. Creativity is not necessary — it’s optional. Therefore it took me some time to find my brand purpose. Eventually, I realised what my brand brings to the table. I analysed my clients’ results and saw the common denominator — confidence. So I help women entrepreneurs to find themselves, brand themselves and show up confidently. And I’m sure the world needs more confident women to shine their talents and show an example to the new generation. 

In my personal branding program, I have a few tools that help define your Why, Ikigai, Vision, and Values. We have one-to-one calls for each topic, many video lessons and workbooks—all to build your story and create content that speaks to your customers’ hearts. So let me know if you like to join this program. The places are limited!

15 Powerful steps to start your personal brand mastery

1. Define why you need a personal brand!

2. To build your Personal Brand, you need to know your values!

3. When you build your personal brand, decide what you want to be known for?

4. Find your story. Build your personal brand with storytelling.

5. To build your personal brand, you need to define your purpose.

6. To build your personal brand you need to know your WHY!

7. To build your personal brand, you need a vision!

8. Build your personal brand and become memorable with a consistent message.

9. To build an authentic personal brand, you must be honest.

10. Be creative while building your personal brand!

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