Let’s talk about 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs do when they want to add videos in brand communication.

1. Thinking that you need to have the best equipment, best camera, a crew of professional videographers before you learn how to talk on camera and feel great about it. Also before you figured out your brand story.
2. Buying ring light (flat light)! Using digital backgrounds with the poor cutouts! Or using anything else trendy because every marketing manager told you so. Video is an art of conveying your message via visual storytelling. Your light colours and stage design will depend on your brand story!
3. Thinking that you can go live unprepared all the time. Sometimes unplugged vlogging style is cool. But overall you are delivering the first impression with every video. So who are you in your ideal client’s eyes? A person in the yoga pants who doesn’t care or an experienced professional? You can find clients for any avatar, and if you know who you are, who do you serve and why they resonate with you you are prepared!
Watch this video for details!

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