A little bit about Eve Voyevoda (me)

and how I became the brand expert I am today

  • 1977

    And Here I Am!

    I was born in Ukraine. Ukraine was a part of the former USSR, a no longer existent country that left a lot of scars on the souls of many generations. I was lucky to be born in the artists’ family and inherited all my creativity and freedom-thinking right from the cradle.

  • 1988-1995

    School of Arts

    After four years in primary school, I passed exams successfully and was chosen to study in the full-time School of Arts. It was the only governmental school of arts in a 40 million country, so exams was not a joke. I dedicated full six years learning design, art history and other disciplines, 6-7 hours daily.


  • 1995-2001

    National Academy of Arts

    After the School of Arts, I continued to study at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Another six years when I was deepening my knowledge in design, art and set the higher goals for my career.

  • 1999

    Membership of National Union of Artists of Ukraine

    I became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, which is proof of the professional artist status in Ukraine.


  • 1998

    First Oficial Employment

    Since school time, I was working as a freelancer (from 1994). In 1998 I was hired by the advertising agency for the first time in my life.

  • 2002-2006

    Courses & Seminars

    I’ve attended many events, training and courses.

    – Ad Festival 5 Seminars from World known specialists in Advertising Branding, Marketing, Consulting, Design

    – Ad Festival 6 Seminars from world known specialists in Advertising Branding Marketing, Consulting, Design

    – Annual Advertising Festival 7 Seminars from World known specialists in Advertising Branding, Marketing, Consulting, Design

    – Center “Success” Skill Sets: Web-Sesigner, HTML, CSS, Home Site 4.5, TopStyle3, Corel 11, Dream Weaver 4, Flash MX, Fireworks 4, Quark XPress

    – Cinematography Academy “The foundamentals of Cinematic Photography”

    – Internet-University of Computer Science “Introduction to HTML”

    – Kiev Institute of IT Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

    – Seminar “Brands and Love Marks” (S&S Latvia)

    – Seminar “Direct Mail” (Peter Bankov “HOW”)

    – Seminar “Features of Packaging Development”


  • 2002

    Branded TV channels and TV Studios

    From 2002 I’ve joined a LITTLE agency with BIG clients. We were creating TV studios (from concepts to set design), TV programs designs, TV channels brands. I was introduced to branding and started to study psychology and marketing. I also attended conferences, training, seminars. I was absorbing new information like a sponge.

  • 1999-2002


    • 2 place National Exhibition “The Life of fonts” (Життя Шрифту)  | Oct 2002
    • Award on V. Zaretsky Painting Competition |  Jan 2001
    • The Second place for postcard design “Baltic Druk” | 2000
    • Incentive Award for Brand Identity development | 1999


  • 2004

    My first Own Agency

    In 2004 my friend and I opened a Design agency that specialized in Branding.

  • 2007

    Joined BBDO — My First International agency

    I joined ‘Provid BBDO’ and was extremely lucky to work with amazing professionals, award-winning directors and Cann’s Lions Winning Creative Directors.


  • 2008-2018

    Moved to India to become a Creative Director

    Became a Creative director in Mindcube Design. I was privileged to work with amazing professionals and international clients such as PwC, Barclays, DB Schenker, RICS, 500 fortune company CBRE and many others.

  • 2010


    Started a commercial photography studio for corporate photography and then grew to product and food photography with my company FoodShots. We have been on the first pages in search engines for over five years and we were the second-best in New Delhi (population over 20mln).


  • 2016


    Started “Brand Your Dream”, a coaching branding company. It was built to help entrepreneurs to find themselves, become confident with visibility and brand their brilliance. By that time it was a side hustle along with the two other businesses, I’ve created and run. I started a Brand Agency for the HoReCa industry and two Commercial Photography Studios, specializing in corporate portraits, product and food photography. And I used coaching with the clients in the other endeavours as well.

  • 2018

    Back in Ukraine. Own Business

    When I got back home, I thought my side hustle would never sustain me. And once again it surprised me. I’m effortlessly running my agency, helping entrepreneurs to find their voice, get confident and brand their brilliance using video and visual storytelling.


  • 2022

    War in Ukraine. Evacuation

    When the war started I wanted to help my country through networking and international writing. I end up in London reestablishing my business looking for opportunities and volunteering.

  • 2023

    War in Ukraine. Evacuation

    Visibility Gym is now Officially Registered mark!


Now, you know my history, let me tell you what do I do!

I mostly work with established experts and coaches who want to brand themselves. Approximately 3-5 years in business, 6-7 figures, ready to play BIG! I have several programs for different purposes here is how I can help.

I help to overcome the fear of visibility. Whether you’re afraid to press the ‘Go live’ button and do your live videos, or you just not enough motivated to post online, I can help. You might think that all ideas are already taken, all experts are better, and you have a reputation to lose, that’s why you will NEVER create those unprofessional-looking videos… Well, if you really think like that, DM me at @eve.voyevoda on Facebook, let’s make you unstoppable!

I help you to show up as a REAL you and build an emotional connection via video. I don’t mean unprepared video in PJs, by the way. I mean creativity, improvisation and freedom. But I also mean preparation, practice, discipline and a lot of inner work! If it sounds like ‘YES’ let’s chat ;)
I can help you to find REAL you. Find your voice, your real personality, your inner freedom. When you become unapologetically original, you become unstoppable. May the Force be with you, my friend!

I help to brand your dream and your brilliance. I do it by helping you align your personality, audience and business model. Personal Branding and Business branding together, a powerful co-creating program where your brand is developed for you and with you. Ready to brand your brilliance? Let’s talk!

How to work with me…

In 20 years in the branding and advertising industry, I’ve acquired a lot of skills from design, logo, brand development to coaching, psychology and leadership.

When I chat with my potential clients, I know if they are ready to work with me, I never persuade. Yes, places are limited and prices are always growing. I work with leaders and established entrepreneurs who are already making money online, and ready to invest in their branding. Branding is a long term investment, it requires money and dedication. It’s more about the mindset, alignment and strategy, than just logo or colours. Brand identity is the perfect wrapping around the most delicious and unique candy that consists of your WHY, VALUES, STORY, TRANSFORMATION, SERVICE, etc.

Most likely I will invite you to the Visibility Gym first, to help you to show up as yourself. Because even if I create an amazing brand for you but you never show up…it will be really sad, so I want you to be courageous and unstoppable. So first I’ll teach you to show up, to open up, to be creative, that’s where your journey will start. In 10 days we will know each other and we can figure out where to move on from there. Want to Join Visibility gym? DM me or just check it out here.

What can I do for you?

I have several programs that can help you to overcome your visibility fears and start speaking confidently on video. We use live video as a fear trigger so that you practice and learn how to unleash your creativity and think outside the box. Join Visibility Gym!

I can help you to build your brand if you are an experienced expert with over five years of practice and you want to show up confidently, build your personal and business brand. There are plenty of options available, from ‘done for you’ to a consultancy. Yet, places are limited, so let’s chat on Messenger first. DM me to @eve.voyevoda on Facebook.

How do I usually work?

Let’s connect on FB messenger via social media. You can also send me an email but I often miss them so DM will be better.

The next step is a zoom call. In case we decide that we are a good match for networking and working together is a great idea, I’ll make an offer. I’m very selective and only work with people I can help, and who are willing to work, take action. 

I’m an INTP (logician), I have a quite witty sense of humour so we need to like each other. Branding is a long run, it’s better to do it with trust and integrity.

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