“I have been working with Eve since 2009; we engaged with her for all brand building, engagement and marketing activities at RICS. Whether it was promoting the MRICS qualification or thought leadership conferences, her work was admired by counterparts in HQ and industry folks equally. Her creative work not just has the ultimate finesse but gives tangible results too! building, advertising, and promotion.”

RICS SBE. Beginning of the brand…

We worked with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for a while. When RICS decided to create a School of build environment in India, they offered us to create a brand that could speak to a young audience.

We discussed the audience idea with HQ. They agreed that the audience of RICS is more mature, and young Indian people need to see a more modern and inviting approach.


As we had no students, the first task was to deliver proof that RICS SBE could provide the result and was worth the investment. As RICS is in B2B sector, it is relatively unknown to the public in India. But the idea was in the air; with the industry’s huge demand, the top experts were ready to talk to these students. And the first idea was: “From Industry to industry.”

With RICS connections, we could involve the “rock stars” of the build environment sector in the advertising campaign. We told their story and how they became top managers and CEOs. We’ve shown that the School of Build Environment RICS can be the first step to their dream. We were using actual industry data and real stories of the industry leaders.

The first set of launch advertisements (online and offline), collaterals, open house seminars, exhibitions & career fairs were all built around this message. After the launch in Delhi, admissions gradually poured in.

“The support and insights that we have been getting from Mindcube have been remarkable. Everything that they create has helped RICS-SBE achieve more, and going forward, we look ahead to this partnership as we embark upon opening new centres.”


Colledges Launched

Work & Projects

Setting the standards for RICS SBE and building correct relationships between two brands was an exciting task. We have defined the relationships between 150+ years old RICS and new RICS SBE as Father and Son connection. This way, we could build different presentations for two brands and still be related and connected in our visual and value standards.



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