Branding for Indian Food Restaurant Chowki

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Working on Chowki Brand

India has outstanding food culture, and Indian people love good food. As a result, the food market is very competitive. After conducting our marketing research, our team knew what creative approach could give Chowki the advantage.

The insight we gathered was that none of the restaurants around was chef-owned, none of them could claim to have 5-star chefs on board, only a few could provide decent industry standards in terms of a clean, professional kitchen — Chowki could bit all of them.

Our approach with illustrations, exclusive food photography, and handy creative packaging won the hearts of Chowki’s customers straight forward.

Creatively engineered packaging saved the brand thousands of dollars, which was very important for a new restaurant in the competitive market.


Rating on Zomato


No surprise that Chowki has become one of the most favourite restaurants amongst the marketing and advertising community, who could value the fantastic food and packaging and design.



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