Improve your brand style, learn visual storytelling tricks that are used by film directors!

Another important skill for creative professionals, designers, art directors, creative directors, advertising experts, photographers, videographers, film directors, is the ability to spot the style. If you want to stand out, build up a brand that shows you differently, you can practice this skill too!

When you know styles in fashion, art, design, when you can spot them, you are, basically, learning a new language. Style is a language where each element is a letter and the overall outlook is the sentence. The brand is created from such sentences and your clients read the book that is you or your business. Their imagination does the work, they do build relationships with your brand subconsciously.

Let’s dive into the Brand style exercise!

  1. Just like in the previous post about visual storytelling & hunting colour, you are going to set your goals first. In case of style, I’d suggest looking for inspiration on Pinterest or museums or any other place that has a decent collection dedicated to a specific style.
    I’m collecting interesting images regularly in the secret boards on my Pinterest.
  2. Find the spot. Here is the trick. This process in the photo and video industry often called the recce of the location. When you know what you want to achieve you are trying to find or sometimes build a location for the case. In this case, I was looking for the old European building and just by accident saw the car that just sealed the deal.
  3. Plan your post-production ahead. When you know what you plan to achieve you will use equipment that will minimise your postproduction time and will serve for the occasion.
    When the final result is matching your initial idea it feels great :)

Bonus step for advanced creators! If you love photography but mostly look at your photos in digital format, start printing. When you will see your photos printed on A3 or A2 paper size you will instantly know what to improve. It will lead you to better equipment and smarter choices.

This process will teach you to spot the style online and offline. It will improve your photo skills and give you a lot of photo material for your social media content. A few selfies in the process is a good idea as well!

Colour inspiration for visual storytelling. Colour red.

There are many ways how you can stimulate your creativity simply using your smartphone. One of them is idea or concept hunting.

In this exercise, you are learning to focus and tell your brand story on social media without words. If you work with the premium segment and the audience that prefer a luxury experience, this exercise may give you a few interesting insights on visual storytelling.

You may say: “I’ll delegate this part, I don’t want to do it”, and then this post is not for you. But if you are eager to unleash your creative dragon for personal development and because you are adventurous and curious…let’s play!

Here is how you can improve your creative thinking and stretch your visual storytelling muscles.

  • Step 1.
    Choose the idea. In this case, I was looking for the representation of the red colour. It was inspired by the building of the red University and as it’s an interesting statement colour I started my hunt.
  • Step 2.
    Focus on one idea. I know it can be tempting to do all ideas at one go. (In fact, you will be able to do it when you will be a pro). Yet, if you want to achieve the result dedicate yourself to one idea. Colour is a good vibrant and clear idea to hunt, I’ll share more ideas in the upcoming posts and more colours too.
  • Step 3.
    Add additional parameter. In my case, I wanted to have perspective, and retro (I used this in the postproduction but kept it in mind before the shoot)

How this can help you with your brand?

  • You will learn how to focus on consistent colour expression in your posts.
  • You will learn how to look around like artists do. Look for inspiration and a creative source for your story.
  • Practice composition, visual storytelling, be playful with your social media content

The method of idea hunting is often used in film, design and photo schools. It can help you to show up on video as well because now you will add the meaning to the colour in your frame and tell the story with visual non-verbal elements.

P.S. If you feel that you need to get some camera confidence and go live like a super pro, reduce your visibility fears, improve your visual storytelling and learn how to enjoy your video, check the Visibility Gym

An effective brand is successful. A Successful brand is profitable. The Brand has many aspects and visual pillars that play the role of the wrap around the brand core. If the wrapping is empty, your brand will fail. If the core of your brand has a powerful “Why”, it understands its audience, it leads and walks its talk, also, the visual wrapping works as an invitation to your ideal clients.

So what are these 4 pillars?

What is the secret of a good design? Why are photos taken by you don’t work for your design as much, as you would like it? Why is the text that you dictate to your secretary may not be so interesting to your client?

Design is created by designers, photos are shot by photographers and the copy is written by copywriters. Yes, I’m the Captain-obvious now. When the client trusts these professionals that results in fantastic brochures, digital designs, photography, videos and it raises your company to a new level of communication. So delegate what you can’t do and focus on what you love to do. You can’t delegate only public speaking and video speaking in person, the rest doesn’t need to be a burden on your shoulders.


Let’s start with the brand design. Your design is not just images and text. Effective design is a successful implementation of the idea. The professional layout uses the elegant readable font, an interesting thematic collection of images and other design elements, styles for copy, footers and headers, informative charts and tables. A professional designer will also help you to choose unique professional photos for your project.

Photography is a unique tool.

Professional photography raises your design to another level, the light effectively emphasizes the advantages of your product, the mood communicates the quality of your brand and the dramatic colour schemes entices the buyer to a potential “purchase decision”. Photography is not just a camera and a photographer, this is the result of the usage of complex equipment, expert skills and sophisticated post-production. It’s beneficial if you can invest in a professional photographer!


No matter how beautiful pictures are your brochure, it’s of no use if it doesn’t convince your client to read your brochure and buy your product or service. An interesting design does not go to the trash-bin or scrolled off. Professional copywriters speak to your customers from their heart; it causes your clients to believe in you. Headlines retain the attention of your customer and they like to re-read the text again and again. A good text is always written for your customers and creates a strong association with the positive qualities of your product and brand in their minds. The interesting text encourages your client to read your next brochure and want to know more about you.


Now video plays a powerful role for your brand, helping to connect people globally. If you work in a local business you can use video to build trust and attract people to your store. Yet, when you work for a global audience video become a necessary tool. Also, if you are an expert and you feel that presenting on video scares you, I can help you to overcome this fear. The truth is you can’t delegate your presentation in person on stage or video. And as this medium is a big part of your brand you need to learn a few ideas on how to build an emotional connection with your customers. I’ve created the “Visibility Gym” for experts and entrepreneurs who want to improve their relationships with video in 10 days. So if you are curious, check “Visibility Gym”!

So delegate as much as you can. Employ a team of professionals on board or hire an agency who help you with design and brand strategy.

P.S. You can’t delegate your own performance on stage and video. That’s why you need to learn this skill. It takes time and practice so start today! Join “Visibility Gym” to improve your videos!

P.P.S. This article was first created and published in 2009. This is an updated version of the article.

Appreciation, attention, validation — You are looking for it ever since you were born. It’s good to be loved, respected, seen. So why some people are desperately looking for external validation and denying themselves the right to make decisions?

External validation starts with family.

Love and respect start from the family. Healthy societies show love for kids by giving them appreciation. Along with critique, such children receive compliments for what was done right. Their teachers and parent believe in them and they often tell them about it. More than that they encourage them to think big and start something, like a lemonade stand or YouTube channel.

Yet in many countries, appreciation is almost prohibited. It’s often shown as a sign of weakness.
Perhaps you know how it feels when everyone from parents to teachers and bosses, are trying to improve your skills by pointing to your mistakes. Generations of people from such countries feel unloved, underappreciated, neglected. They only know how to criticize and are afraid of appreciation. At the same time, they are desperately looking for someone to validate their skills and rarely trust their judgment. They work much harder than others and often become high achievers, except they never enjoy results.

Working with many experts from post-Soviet countries, I’ve noticed how self-criticism doesn’t allow them to achieve the rewards, they deserve. Those under-loved are often suffering from depression and the inability to love. They often can’t identify their true self. They are subconsciously looking for external validation and are enabled to give love because no one ever taught them how.

On the other hand, people who feel confident, supported, loved become successful faster. They believe in their potential. They know that their work will be appreciated and they expect to be rewarded for the job they do. If they don’t receive the reward or it’s not enough, they start looking for better opportunities. They get better jobs because they know their value and are more satisfied with their position and salary. They are requesting promotion confidently and moving faster on the career ladder.

Does seeking external validation affects business?

When underappreciated people become entrepreneurs, they tend to hide. They refuse to show up consistently and sabotage their visibility. They are avoiding leadership and feel uncomfortable in a decision making position. They are always overwhelmed, tired as they are working more than others. As they don’t believe in themselves, they are often reducing their prices and do a lot of work for free.

It’s a very broad picture, each situation will have a lot of additional factors, such as personality type, the level of expertise, circumstances. Yet, confident active individuals who believe in themselves will attract more clients in business and become more popular by showing up and connecting with people.

And if you recognized yourself, you can change it! You need to know that you deserve love, appreciation and rewards for your job! There are many ways to do it, from mindfulness to affirmations and exercises to professional therapy.

P.S. This post is rather a food for thought concerning the necessity of love and acceptance from society and family. Because people who were loved as kids and teenagers can love back, able to open their hearts and trust.

But what these underappreciated people can do to improve their situation? They can start with self-love and appreciation. Yet, more importantly with the tremendous self-discipline, that stops from falling into negative self-talk and by keeping themselves in the high vibration and good mood consciously. Easy to say? Yes. But it’s the cure and it works long-term, even if sometimes it can be bitter.

We are often hiding without realizing it. We may think that we are just tired of the crowd. Or we tell ourselves the story about our introverted nature or spiritual journey. You may have your excuse.

When you are hiding there is little or no chance to build a personal brand. And in the modern world where people are checked on Social Media before they are hired, you may minimize your chances for a better job or a prospective client.

And don’t take me wrong, I know the struggle is real especially for introverts. Especially for people with the trauma. So let’s talk about it…

If you are hiding, there is something inside you that you are afraid to reveal. And even the smallest idea can make us blame ourselves, judge ourselves, we are afraid of abandonment, rejection, we are feeling guilty or angry or… If you are hiding there is something you are afraid of inside. Often it’s our own shadow.

And though this darkness may seem unacceptable, you true friends will accept it. The people who are truly love you will still love you (knowing you are not an angel with the fluffy pink wings). If you have a real depth of feelings, pain, trauma, depression, those who overcome it will get you without words and will not allow you to drown.

If you are afraid to show up and be true to yourself you are rejecting your power. When you are real your light shines differently. No, not everyone will jump in love with you. Yes, many will turn their back on you.


The real friends will stay, the real relationships will form, and you will no longer be afraid of the darkness, you will be the beckon of light.

Don’t be afraid to show up. Your story, your example, your personal brand may become an inspiration for those who struggle. And you will help more people to release their pain, to become brave and empowered.

Eve Voyevoda
Business & Brand Creator


When I was in school, I did try to blend in. My parents are artists and I was extremely different than all the other children in the school nearby. I’ve developed this habit and my mind told me it’s a good idea, it’s safe to be invisible, you need to be just like everyone else, so nobody could harm you for your different thinking.
After twenty years in the advertising and branding industry, where I’ve built many unique and powerful brands, I’ve started my own branding business. And that was a pivotal moment because this time I had to brand myself and be visible but I only knew how to blend in.

I needed to build my brand foundations and I was terrified.

I quickly figured out that I have no clue who am I, what is my "BIG WHY", and who I want to work with. "Luckily" I knew what business model do I want. I said "luckily" because I was wrong. I've missed one important thing to make this model sustainable I had to invest a lot. Rather quickly I've realised that many of my ideas were wrong and I've missed the fundamental aspects of my brand. So having 17 years of experience (then), I had to start from scratch.

I quickly figured out that I have no clue who am I, what is my “BIG WHY”, and who I want to work with. “Luckily” I knew what business model do I want. I said “luckily” because I was wrong. I’ve missed one important thing to make this model sustainable I had to invest a lot. Rather quickly I’ve realised that many of my ideas were wrong and I’ve missed the fundamental aspects of my brand. So having 17 years of experience (then), I had to start from scratch.

I knew that I have to be in alignment with my audience and my business vision. But I didn’t know how to achieve it.

  • First, I didn’t know who do I want to be in my customer’s eyes. I had a habit to blend in and didn’t know how to be visible. I was a person behind the camera and now I had to be in front of it. So I’ve dug deeper and find a lot about brand archetypes and psychological test MBTI. It was extremely helpful but not enough. Not all videos convert viewers to buyers. Check out this free video training and receive free content planning Trello board “How to create Live videos that convert viewers to buyers”
  • Second, I was researching my audience. And I have to tell you this. There is no theory that can give you the right answer. That’s why I’ve been teaching my clients not just theory, but how to research to get REAL answers from their prospects. Obviously, they are getting the systems and guidelines on how to find out all the answers.
  • Third, I’ve checked my resources (time and money) and have changed my business model, having in mind that I will be able to tweak it in time. For that, I had to revise my business vision and set the plan.

The practice is key!

The only thing that can help you to find all the answers is practice. So I’ve implemented, tried, adjusted and fixed over two years. Until I figured the biggest flow that coaches and experts have online with traditional branding and why they choose the wrong path 70% of the time. They’re choosing an easy way to build an empty wrapping (logo, colours, templates) without building their brand inside out. And they are doing it for a reason.

  • Reason number one is fear. They do not believe in themselves. They don’t believe in their business and therefore never plan for long.
  • Reason number two is the lack of knowledge. They are investing in the wrapping and not in the brand because they are not aware of what is the holistic approach. Your brand is an image in your customer’s mind not just a logo.
  • Reason number three is time. Corporates can invest 10 years in brand development and implementations without a blink. As individuals, we need to become visible and position ourselves as an expert faster.

That’s why i always recommend to use video marketing to brand yourself online.

I was scared to go “go live” so much that I’ve postponed it for 4 years. I’ve faced all my visibility blocks and excuses. But when I did it for the first time and then, again and again, it has changed my understanding of who I really am. The experience was so scary to my clients that they could quickly reveal and overcome their visibility blocks, they became more confident and were able to reach the right prospects faster. That’s why I can say: “if you want to build your personal brand online start with video! Build visibility muscles!” Check out Visibility Gym Challenge, it’s paid but it brings results for those who want to work on their videos. Fear of camera can be bitten in 10 days and your confidence will grow!

“If you want to build your personal brand online start with video!”

1. Thinking that you need to have the best equipment, best camera, a crew of professional videographers before you learn how to talk on camera and feel great about it. Also before you figured out your brand story.
2. Buying ring light (flat light)! Using digital backgrounds with the poor cutouts! Or using anything else trendy because every marketing manager told you so. Video is an art of conveying your message via visual storytelling. Your light colours and stage design will depend on your brand story!
3. Thinking that you can go live unprepared all the time. Sometimes unplugged vlogging style is cool. But overall you are delivering the first impression with every video. So who are you in your ideal client’s eyes? A person in the yoga pants who doesn’t care or an experienced professional? You can find clients for any avatar, and if you know who you are, who do you serve and why they resonate with you you are prepared!
Watch this video for details!

Ask your questions about personal branding and video and I’ll be answering them on my channel! DM me if you want to work with me or collaborate!

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