Want to build your Personal Brand and be Visible?

We are often hiding without realizing it. We may think that we are just tired of the crowd. Or we tell ourselves the story about our introverted nature or spiritual journey. You may have your excuse.

When you are hiding there is little or no chance to build a personal brand. And in the modern world where people are checked on Social Media before they are hired, you may minimize your chances for a better job or a prospective client.

And don’t take me wrong, I know the struggle is real especially for introverts. Especially for people with the trauma. So let’s talk about it…

If you are hiding, there is something inside you that you are afraid to reveal. And even the smallest idea can make us blame ourselves, judge ourselves, we are afraid of abandonment, rejection, we are feeling guilty or angry or… If you are hiding there is something you are afraid of inside. Often it’s our own shadow.

And though this darkness may seem unacceptable, you true friends will accept it. The people who are truly love you will still love you (knowing you are not an angel with the fluffy pink wings). If you have a real depth of feelings, pain, trauma, depression, those who overcome it will get you without words and will not allow you to drown.

If you are afraid to show up and be true to yourself you are rejecting your power. When you are real your light shines differently. No, not everyone will jump in love with you. Yes, many will turn their back on you.


The real friends will stay, the real relationships will form, and you will no longer be afraid of the darkness, you will be the beckon of light.

Don’t be afraid to show up. Your story, your example, your personal brand may become an inspiration for those who struggle. And you will help more people to release their pain, to become brave and empowered.

Eve Voyevoda
Business & Brand Creator


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