How to speak with the language of style? Brand style exercise!

Improve your brand style, learn visual storytelling tricks that are used by film directors!

Another important skill for creative professionals, designers, art directors, creative directors, advertising experts, photographers, videographers, film directors, is the ability to spot the style. If you want to stand out, build up a brand that shows you differently, you can practice this skill too!

When you know styles in fashion, art, design, when you can spot them, you are, basically, learning a new language. Style is a language where each element is a letter and the overall outlook is the sentence. The brand is created from such sentences and your clients read the book that is you or your business. Their imagination does the work, they do build relationships with your brand subconsciously.

Let’s dive into the Brand style exercise!

  1. Just like in the previous post about visual storytelling & hunting colour, you are going to set your goals first. In case of style, I’d suggest looking for inspiration on Pinterest or museums or any other place that has a decent collection dedicated to a specific style.
    I’m collecting interesting images regularly in the secret boards on my Pinterest.
  2. Find the spot. Here is the trick. This process in the photo and video industry often called the recce of the location. When you know what you want to achieve you are trying to find or sometimes build a location for the case. In this case, I was looking for the old European building and just by accident saw the car that just sealed the deal.
  3. Plan your post-production ahead. When you know what you plan to achieve you will use equipment that will minimise your postproduction time and will serve for the occasion.
    When the final result is matching your initial idea it feels great :)

Bonus step for advanced creators! If you love photography but mostly look at your photos in digital format, start printing. When you will see your photos printed on A3 or A2 paper size you will instantly know what to improve. It will lead you to better equipment and smarter choices.

This process will teach you to spot the style online and offline. It will improve your photo skills and give you a lot of photo material for your social media content. A few selfies in the process is a good idea as well!

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