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An effective brand is successful. A Successful brand is profitable. The Brand has many aspects and visual pillars that play the role of the wrap around the brand core. If the wrapping is empty, your brand will fail. If the core of your brand has a powerful “Why”, it understands its audience, it leads and walks its talk, also, the visual wrapping works as an invitation to your ideal clients.

So what are these 4 pillars?

What is the secret of a good design? Why are photos taken by you don’t work for your design as much, as you would like it? Why is the text that you dictate to your secretary may not be so interesting to your client?

Design is created by designers, photos are shot by photographers and the copy is written by copywriters. Yes, I’m the Captain-obvious now. When the client trusts these professionals that results in fantastic brochures, digital designs, photography, videos and it raises your company to a new level of communication. So delegate what you can’t do and focus on what you love to do. You can’t delegate only public speaking and video speaking in person, the rest doesn’t need to be a burden on your shoulders.


Let’s start with the brand design. Your design is not just images and text. Effective design is a successful implementation of the idea. The professional layout uses the elegant readable font, an interesting thematic collection of images and other design elements, styles for copy, footers and headers, informative charts and tables. A professional designer will also help you to choose unique professional photos for your project.

Photography is a unique tool.

Professional photography raises your design to another level, the light effectively emphasizes the advantages of your product, the mood communicates the quality of your brand and the dramatic colour schemes entices the buyer to a potential “purchase decision”. Photography is not just a camera and a photographer, this is the result of the usage of complex equipment, expert skills and sophisticated post-production. It’s beneficial if you can invest in a professional photographer!


No matter how beautiful pictures are your brochure, it’s of no use if it doesn’t convince your client to read your brochure and buy your product or service. An interesting design does not go to the trash-bin or scrolled off. Professional copywriters speak to your customers from their heart; it causes your clients to believe in you. Headlines retain the attention of your customer and they like to re-read the text again and again. A good text is always written for your customers and creates a strong association with the positive qualities of your product and brand in their minds. The interesting text encourages your client to read your next brochure and want to know more about you.


Now video plays a powerful role for your brand, helping to connect people globally. If you work in a local business you can use video to build trust and attract people to your store. Yet, when you work for a global audience video become a necessary tool. Also, if you are an expert and you feel that presenting on video scares you, I can help you to overcome this fear. The truth is you can’t delegate your presentation in person on stage or video. And as this medium is a big part of your brand you need to learn a few ideas on how to build an emotional connection with your customers. I’ve created the “Visibility Gym” for experts and entrepreneurs who want to improve their relationships with video in 10 days. So if you are curious, check “Visibility Gym”!

So delegate as much as you can. Employ a team of professionals on board or hire an agency who help you with design and brand strategy.

P.S. You can’t delegate your own performance on stage and video. That’s why you need to learn this skill. It takes time and practice so start today! Join “Visibility Gym” to improve your videos!

P.P.S. This article was first created and published in 2009. This is an updated version of the article.

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