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I’m not surprised because I know Eve Voyevoda and I know how good she is, but i’m just really freaking excited!!

I GRABBED Eve’s offer last week because I have some big hairy goals for 2019 and I knew that I needed Eve’s magic to help me create a lead magnet that is special, different and very much embodies me and my message!!

She nailed it and MORE!!

I’m so excited!!

Eve Voyevoda you’re a genius and I LOVE you!! Not only that but you’re so funny!!

A joy to work with!!

If you haven’t yet worked with Eve, then do yourself a favour and book a 90 minutes Brand Your Brilliance Session with her at the very least!! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Thank you Eve Voyevoda


A few days back, I’ve asked Eve Voyevoda to help me with the brand name for a new company. And “90-minute breakthrough call” has transformed the idea of a company based on a project into a business of my dreams.
Information, knowledge and vision that’s have been set in my head over the years were not connected. While we were talking, all the puzzle pieces took the right place and formed the system.
Eve asked me a few questions and helped me to analyse my desires and goals, professional interests and life values. During this lively discussion, I’ve realised that now I have The Real Project for Life. A brand aligned with my life values and goals, that will be implemented within the field of my professional interests. It’s incredible! I’m so grateful and can recommend Eve as a brand expert!

I’m starting to be in love with my branding and it’s all due to you Eve Voyevoda
I had an awesome call with Eve and I can only say that is has been an eye opener. This lady knows exactly what to do with your personal or business brand. I got so much value from all the suggestions and your knowledge of what is working as well as your straight forward approach.
For those of you that are not sure if your branding is aligned with what you do and who you serve, I recommend you speak to Eve and listen to her expertise. And for those of you just starting out DO it now because if you nail it in the beginning it will save you time and money in the long run.
I am also joining the waiting list for Eve’s new membership subscription Brand + Photo and I can’t wait to start learning more from Eve.
Thank you so much for adding me to your group.

Sofia Pacifico
Business Visibility GPS Coach & Consultant

I just had a 1:1 branding session with Eve Voyevoda today and I was blown away by all her incredible recommendations! I knew she had an artist background, so I was expecting her to critique my sales page and checkout page for the colors and fonts, and she did that…but that’s not all! She also had read through my entire blog and told me where I had some gaps in connecting my concepts to get readers to want to opt in. I also told her about my niche and she came up with some really sexy, catchy headlines and questions that I know will GRAB my target market like nothing else! Wow, she shifted my mindset so that I’m finally thinking like my prospective client instead of thinking like me. If anyone is thinking of getting branding coaching, make an appointment with Eve — you will get so much out of it!

Eve is a wonderfully enthusiastic teacher. She has so much subject knowledge and is very supportive and encouraging for even the most nervous of people who know they need to be on video to succeed in their business. Work with Eve, she’s amazing!

It’s always a pleasure to work with Eve – she is not only an amazing person but also a top-notch professional who has a passion for what she does, who does her job exceptionally well. My experience of working with EVE was totally AWESOME. She was very encouraging, supportive and with a lovely sense of humour throughout the project. Eve showed me that my business is indeed unique and that it is something I can be successful in. It obviously takes time and effort to build a brand that will talk to hearts and minds of clients and customers, earn their trust and leave great long-lasting impressions but as the result, you will have a clientele that is eager to come back to you for more.

Eve, I can’t believe you sent me that tutorial made just for me

I learned so much and I do now see so many key components that I need to pay attention to if I am working with these designs ( brown not black, transparency, text eye level, not too much text for FB ad…. Yes, I see so much from this.

I appreciate that you have done all this for me. The image design was amazing but to go to all this trouble to ensure I know how to use the design elements in the future is amazing.

I do see why you wanted to make sure I saw this because of my attempt to create something new—was not consistent with the brand.

I am so very grateful. Is there a way that you can use these designs and tutorial to show an example to prospective clients?

I want to be able to do something for you and I hope that my test driving the course will truly be truly helpful for you.

I am so surprised today when I saw you had done all of this. I am so grateful.

Kelley Chappell, PhD

“For about six months I was looking to change the focus and name of my community. It was an exhausting and draining experience with many hours of brainstorming, Journaling, polling with no results. After 45 min with Eve, I got so much clarity on what direction I needed to take, where the focus should be and most importantly I had the perfect new name for my community. It felt completely aligned with who I am and what I wanted my community to be. Eve knew what questions to ask to get out the answers to help me in the process. These 45 minutes saved me not only a few more months of hitting my head into the wall but also my sanity so I can focus on my business. I would highly recommend working with Eve. Thank you, Eve. ”

Luchia Dragosh, TV Producer

Jonathan Howard Seriously guys Eve can change your business with the trainings and services she offers. She had transformed mine and without her video challenge that got me out of my video shell I am certain this quarantine would have been much different for me. But my ability to show up as an expert has helped me build my audience and add playing clients

2 this week directly from live videos.

Hello Everyone!

I am recommending Eve Voyevoda to you to help you with your video visibility for your business. A couple of days ago I was on the beach and I decided to share my experience via a live video on social media.

As a private person, that will NOT 😂 have happened but for what I learnt from Eve about letting your audience see different aspects of your life in the most authentic way to be able to connect with them.

I am not posting videos randomly anymore, I plan them and trying to get them crisp and short.

I know I should have done this in video! 😊

Have a blessed day!

Hello Ladies Entrepreneurs, I would like to share my recent experience with Eve Voyevoda. I am running my own headhunting and coaching business and II saw Eve’s video about the importance of knowing three key words that I want my business to be known for with my clients. Eve has masterfully and generously took me through the process and tools that got me to clarity about what these three words are. To my surprise I ended up with three different words to what I initially thought would represent my brand well. Initially I had Freedom, Unique and Winning and I ended up with Success, Trust and Inspiration – and I got a branding vocabulary that I can now use in my content. This is very timely because I am working on my website and having this level of clarity in a short space of time was absolutely crucial for me. I love Eve’s style, her extensive expertise in branding and her coaching skills to guide her clients to a better place. Thank you, Eve, and I am looking forward to seeing more gems and golden nuggets from you as I believe in the power of branding an your passion for branding is contagious. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Oxana Bristowe

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